Online since 1993 Rev. Cassandra offers personal psychic readings, angel readings, spells & rituals, feng shui advice, hypnosis, & more spirituality.

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Enhancing your life through angels

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Home to one of the most gifted psychic, clairvoyant Rev. Cassandra Anaya.
Online since 1993, she channels 3 heavenly beings; angels - Metatron, Uriel and Yannie.
Online or off line her psychic readings' insight into your life situations can not be surpassed.

I AM Rev. Cassandra Anaya
Rev. Cassandra's photo
I have been on the net since April 4, 1993.
It is truly my pleasure & honor to serve you.

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Psychic Rev. Cassandra Anaya (my mini bio). My desires on the internet are several:

animated heart Through my expertise, as a natural born clairvoyant psychic, an ordained minister, a Hypnotherapist, a Feng Shui Master, and my background in psychology, I want to help people, like yourself, to live happier, fuller lives; to balance your E.S.P. (Emotional, Spiritual, Physical). It will be my absolute honor and privilege to help you achieve exactly that;

animated heart My psychic readings are extraordinaire - not only am I clairvoyant, I channel three (3) - Archangel Metatron, Archangel Uriel and Pleiadian Angel Yannie. In 1967, at USC I was proven to be 87% accurate. With the years my accuracy has increased immensely; deeming me among the top psychics (btw, no psychic is ever 100% accurate. If they were they would be God!! IMHO that would be rather arrogant.);

animated heart To be the best online source of spells & rituals performed from the side of good and light. I want to help you achieve your goals & heart's desires using spells or rituals performed with the blessing of God, and the aide of angels, saints, ascended masters &/or spirit guides & prayers;

animated heart To assist you to create the life you deserve through hypnosis. Unleash that which blocks you from your own happiness through the use of hypnosis. Find out who you were in past lives and how it pertains to you in this life. I am located in San Diego, CA & Las Vegas, NV;

animated heart By way of Feng Shui, the oriental art of placement, I can shift the energy in your home or business to produce prosperity in all its forms. Prosperity of good health, financial well being, strong friendships, solid relationships, happiness, peace, creativity, travel, and more, which will naturally enhance and improve your life;

animated heart Having your chakra cleansed & balanced can do wonders for your E.S.P. (emotions, soul, and physical self). You may even consider adding a numerology report so you'll be better able to handle life since you'll know more about you;

animated heart A numerology report can open doors to who you are, what you need to be doing, what directions you need to be going to live up to your full potential to be the true you that you want to be and Our Creator wants you to be. (100% of the fee for a numerology report is donated to charity. I feel it is right for you to choose the choose of charity. This is done on the order page.);

animated heart I want my site on the World Wide Web to be a place where you feel relaxed, peaceful, and safe. A place you can visit to gain peace of mind in a confusing frustrated world. A safe haven to run to during bleaker times of your life;

animated heart My biggest dream is that each and every person on the planet follows Our Creator's desires; to treat each other as brothers and sisters. An African Proverb says "It takes a whole village to raise a child". I believe it takes a whole healthy planet to raise all children. Sadly the planet isn't going to be healthy as long as there is hate, war, prejudices, starvation, and any other entity that prevents us from loving and caring for each other. Throughout my life I've had the privilege to meet so many people from different countries and have learned much about different customs, cultures and languages (I learned to say I love you in 29 languages). I relish in our differences and can only imagine how boring we would be if we were all alike.

I truly hope you find my services useful and my site a very spiritual place to visit. ; )

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